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Landlord Services - Tenancy Management

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Our Aims

  • To maintain a mutual respect between the tenant and our agency.

  • To keep your property in good repair

  • To maximize the rental return and capital growth on your property

Condition Report

On acceptance of a tenancy application a comprehensive condition report is completed at the property. This details the condition of each item in the property at the time the tenancy starts. Completion will be thorough and a copy forwarded to you for your file.

Routine Inspections

We will complete routine internal inspections on your property every three months during any tenancy (a small touch to form a bond with the tenant will be to leave a small gift and business card for the tenant to show our goodwill). Drive past inspections will occur frequently. The purpose of these inspections are two fold. Firstly to ensure that the tenants are maintaining the property and secondly to keep you informed of any maintenance or wear and tear which needs attending.

After each routine inspection you will receive an itemised report on the condition of the property and personal contact for any issues that require attention.

Lease Renewals

Our computer system also provides an excellent function for monitoring lease expiries. We will contact your tenant prior to the lease expiring requesting a renewal. When they respond, we will seek your advice before going ahead with any action. There will be a maximum of one letting fee in any twelve month period. These fees are not applicable to a renewal of lease only.

Vacating Inspections

When your tenant vacates a final inspection will be completed within one working day of receiving the keys. At this time, we will make sure that the property is left in an acceptable condition based on the condition report at the beginning of the tenancy. Bond will not be released until we are satisfied that the property has been well maintaned and in good condition. While managing any tenancy we will treat each tenant with due respect and dignity. They will be provided with a welcoming kit on moving into the property. We believe that maintaining a healthy relationship with your tenant is in your and our best interest. Happy tenants are more likely to pay rent on time, look after the property and stay longer.

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