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Landlord Services - Securing a Quality Tenant

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Our Aims

To secure a good return on your property by practicing care and diligence from the beginning all prospective tenants must complete an application form for each adult (over the age of 18) who wishes to reside at the property. Thorough processing is vital to ensure that the there is accurate information to base the decision on. One of the most important tools of our trade is the Tenancy Information Centre of Australia (TICA).

This is a database of defaulting tenants available to members of the Centre. Every tenant that applies for a property through our office will be checked on the database for previous defaults at other agencies. Along with checking TICA we also confirm employment and income, all previous rental references available and confirm the last two addresses of the applicant. A personal reference is also recorded and 100 points Identification is photocopied and kept on file.

Once all the processing is completed you will be contacted. While presenting the application to you we will offer professional advice and guidance, but will follow your instructions at all times. You will be part of the decision making process. All tenants must sign a lease agreement and pay four weeks bond and two weeks rent before collecting keys to the property.

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